Hours and Holidays

The new school year begins Monday 5th September, 2016













8.45 - 12.00

Three hour work cycle 

Three hour work cycle  School is closed Three hour work cycle  Three hour work cycle 

12.00 - 13.30

Lunch break 

Lunch break    Lunch break 

 Lunch break 

13.30 - 16.00

Work cycle 

Work cycle 

  Work cycle  Work cycle 




A day at school:

The children arrive in the morning around 8.45 - 9:00. They have the opportunity then to prepare for their day of work ahead: they must get themselves ready in the classroom, organise their morning snack and lunch. They can then begin working, either work of their own choice or a presentation from the teacher.

In the morning there is a work cycle of three hours, allowing the children to have long periods of work and concentration. During these three hours the child can take a break at any time to drink, eat their snack and go to the bathroom.

Around 12:00 the children put away their work and prepare for lunch, they organise and clean the classroom and set the table for eating. After tidying we all sit down and eat together. Once the children have finished eating they clear their tables and their placemats, then they will be free to play until 1:30pm.

At 1:30pm all students return to the classroom and continue working until 4pm and then they return home.

Holidays for the 2016-2017 school year.   First day of school is Monday 5th September

Toussaint and Christmas break

Winter and Spring break 

Summer break


Holiday begins: Wednesday 19 October

School begins: Thursday 3 November


Holiday begins: Saturday 17 December

School begins: Thursday 5 January


Holiday begins: Saturday 18 February

School begins: Monday 6 March


Holiday begins: Saturday 15 April

School begins: Tuesday 2 May

Last day of school: Friday 7 July 2017