Katie and Bryce

From the first moment we met Peter Anderson, we knew we had crossed paths with someone special. Our first impressions were quickly confirmed by our daughter Lilly, who was very fortunate to be in his class at The International Montessori School in Hong Kong. Peter teaches with energy and heart. His passion for Montessori education inspired us all. His kindness and great sense of humour made learning fun and inspired Lilly in many ways. We are very grateful to him for sharing his love of learning with Lilly and encouraging her inquisitive nature. Peter laid foundations within Lilly’s education, which will continue to be a gift to her throughout life. I know that I speak on behalf of many when I say he had a profound impact and any child that has the opportunity to learn under the guidance of he and Julia, is a very privileged little person.

Gaelle and Gregg

Quelle chance pour un enfant d’aller a l’école Montessori avec Peter et Julia! Mon fils Samuel s’est complètement épanoui pendant son année avec Peter a Hong Kong. Il avait un profond respect pour son maitre et Peter a un don pour éveiller la soif d’apprendre chez les enfants…même les plus récalcitrants! L’enthousiasme de Peter pour le sport, la nature et les sciences ont inspire notre fils toutes l’année. Il parle encore de leurs expéditions dans les parcs environnants pour observer la faunes et la flore. Avec l’environnement offert par la région de Chamonix, je n’ai aucun doute que l’ecole Montessori du Mont Blanc offrira aux enfants de la région l’opportunité de devenir des “apprentisseurs” passionnes comme leur maitre et maitresse.


We are a homeschooling family from USA. In the past nine years we have been homeschooling and traveling the world. We value creativity, originality and passion for learning. In search of excellent teachers, we are looking for the qualities that comply with our educational philosophy.

We are fortunate to have found Peter, Julia and their fantastic school. Both of them have passion for teaching. They are very loving, encouraging, patient, creative, energetic and loads of fun! My children love their teachers and school.

As a parent, these are what I love about the school:

1. Great teacher student ratio. Children can have individual attention from their teachers. Both Peter and Julia are on top of each child’s developmental stage and readiness.

2. A beautiful environment. The school is situated in a beautiful chalet with warm wood and big windows next to a ski slope/green hill. The nature is both inside and outside their classroom. During their lunch break, the children play in the forests, mountains, pine trees and near a river. Also there is a farm next to the school with horses, goats and chickens.

3. Project based learning. It helps to foster independent thinking, multiple discipline integration, problem solving and a sense of accomplishment for the children.

4. Mixed age student body. With a mixed age learning environment, the children can take on leadership roles, teamwork and learn from each other as well.

5. Individually paced. Children are different and their individuality is respected and cherished. The teachers work with the child’s pace. They are all winners when it comes to learning. Learning is a lifelong pursuit not a race. Also it provides us flexibility to travel without feeling pressured to “catch up”.

6. A bilingual environment. With native English and French teachers, the children enjoy a bilingual environment. Also it is a good transition for non French speaking children to ease into learning French.

7. Real time learning and teaching. Peter and Julia cater their teaching to current events and create relevancy in children’s learning. They talked about the science behind earthquakes the day after an earthquake happened in Chamonix. Also they invited one of the mother’s who had just came back from a trip to Africa with her son to share the experience with the class. They also celebrated Chinese New Year and made it a cultural event.

8. A diversified student body. In the school, there are families from the UK, France, US, Australia, and Spain. The children speak English, French, Spanish, and Chinese. The diversity has brought excellent exposure to all the children and their families as well.

9. Close-knitted community. With its small scale, the school helps to form a close-knitted community where the children play together after school and parents provide support to each other.

10. Parents input. Again, because of the size of the school, the parents can have a voice and some input in their children’s education.

In summary, it is a great small school where children develop passion for learning, skills for real life, and loads of fun.

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